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  • AltCoins HUB Ecosystem

    AltCoins HUB is the first digital asset ecosystem to democratize access to institutional-grade products that leverage blockchain-enabled capital market structure. We apply superior risk management and investment experience to tailor innovative financial products that broaden investor access and exposure to alternative assets, cryptocurrencies, and emerging asset classes.

  • AltCoinsHUB Token (TACH)

    TACH is the backbone of the AltCoins HUB ecosystem. The TACH token has been designed with a mechanism that aims to improve the utility of the ACH exchange. This means that by using the token, users can earn free rebates, get discounts on their trading fees, and can stake TACH tokens to receive high referral bonuses. Furthermore, they can vote in the community governance procedure.

  • Invest Project HUB

    AltCoins HUB is a Digital Asset Securities firm. Our goal is to provide access for investors to invest in private market digital asset securities (security tokens), and provide companies with a fully-digital end-to-end suite of compliant solutions leveraging the advantage of next generation blockchain technology.

  • AltCoins HUB Academy

    AltCoins HUB Academy offers customized courses designed by industry experts, traders, and researchers to guide you towards being a successful cryptocurrency investor. Gain access to ongoing content, VIP member-only community, trading signals, and personal support throughout your crypto journey.

  • AltCoins HUB MEDIA

    The AltCoins HUB YouTube Channel was founded in October of 2020 by Andriy Tod.

    Since then, AltCoins HUB has become one of the most recognized news channels for the latest updates on Bitcoin & cryptocurrency. Over the last two years, the AltCoins HUB brand has expanded to now include a separate news division.

  • DAR LABS Ink

    DAR Labs are a high-performance, mission-driven team pioneering new blockchain applications, using crypto to improve the global financial system, and has its headquarters in the USA.
    DAR Labs helps you create a secure, scalable, and reliable digital currency to meet your requirements.



Invest Project HUB is advantageous as they display a host of projects on one platform. Investors will be subjected to early access to projects, which means they will get a more affordable token price than others. Also, prevent the possibility of scams or fraud.


Invest Project HUB is an investment product, which includes a list of services and actions to attract investments in order to finance projects of different levels of complexity.


Stacking profit 23% per year

The token is developed to be a fully-fledged infrastructural product that will unite the ALTCOINS HUB ecosystem
with new exchange projects created on its basis. TACH will become a platform project for tens of thousands of blockchain startups, as well as a useful and reliable asset, holding which offers multiple benefits to the ALTCOINS HUB users.

Make a profit with ALTCOINS HUB!

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DAR Blockchain Coin - fork of Solana with technological solutions from the DarLabs inc. team. Scalability ensures that transactions remain less than $0.01 for both developers and users. Block time is 400 milliseconds. And as the hardware gets faster, so does the network.

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