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Andriy Tod, also known by his Andriy Todosiychuk, is a crypto entrepreneur enthusiast. He is the founder and CEO of ALTCOINS HUB a crypto ecosystem, and IT company DAR LABS Inc. Has been involved with the world of cryptocurrency since 2014. After long education founded Bitcoin School in Kyiv and started preaching about the Crypto world. Author and speaker at worldwide conferences. Andriy is a supporter of effective altruism and pursues earning to give as and make this world better.

On 22.02.20 Andrey Tod registered a series of Altcoins Hub domains. That’s how the path to creating a crypto space for all willing people. We started our journey by launching the ALTCOINS HUB info portal. Where we covered the most important news of the crypto world. Then, based on the portal, we created a training program, which turned into scientific and educational education. ALTCOINS HUB Academy was created when the number of students and those wishing to acquire new knowledge increased. Based on the academy there are educational programs on the Basics of Blockchain Technology, Investing and Risk Management, Security Techniques in the Crypto Industry, and all types of trading. 

     At the end of October 2020, the Altcoins HUB YouTube channel was created, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity as a useful source of information for users.

        On October 3, 2021, Andrey Tod together with Oleg Yurchak officially opened the crypto platform Altcoins HUB com. The first stage of development of the platform is the launch of the crypto exchange, which has been carried out successfully. ALTCOINS HUB is the first digital asset ecosystem to democratize access to institutional-grade products that leverage blockchain-enabled capital market structure.
We apply superior risk management and investment experience to tailor innovative financial products that broaden investor access and exposure to alternative assets, cryptocurrencies, and emerging asset classes.
At the moment, the Altcoins HUB team is working on the release of the ALTCOINS HUB token (TACH). ALTCOINS HUB token is integrated into the financial systems of all ecosystem products and with its help token holders can get special advantages in using this product: different discounts, lower commissions, early access to testing of future projects, access to business products for investors, and crypto-project creators, access to buy tokens before listing at a reduced price within announced token sales on our platform, participate in community management system as voting for specific solutions.
Easy Listing (Consulting, Marketing, Development, Digitization, Auditing, Listing, Promotion): For a TACH staking, users can get access to this product, which includes a comprehensive and unique solution for various crypto projects, ranging from consulting services to holistic turnkey development, digitization of client projects, as well as creation and implementation of a marketing campaign. TACH is also used by ecosystem users who hold our tokens and have the right to take part in community voting to decide which project will get an «easy listing» product implementation.

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