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On 22.02.20 Andrey Tod registered a series of Altcoins Hub domains. That’s how the path to creating a crypto space for all willing people who are ready to free themselves from the slavery of the old financial system and start developing in the alternative crypto-economy began. 

We started our journey by launching the Altcoins Hub info portal. Where we covered the most important news of the crypto world. Then, based on the portal, we created a training program, which turned into scientific and educational education. When the number of students and those wishing to acquire new knowledge increased, Altcoins Hub Academy was created. Based on the academy there are educational programs on the Basics of Blockchain Technology, Investing and Risk Management, Security Techniques in the Crypto Industry, and all types of trading. 

     At the end of October 2020, the Altcoins HUB YouTube channel was created, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity as a useful source of information for users.

        On October 3, 2021, Andrey Tod together with Oleg Yurchak officially opened the crypto platform Altcoins HUB com. The first stage of development of the platform is the launch of the crypto exchange, which has been carried out successfully. At the moment, the Altcoins HUB team is working on the release of the DAR family of coins, which will allow the creation of new useful projects for humanity based on its blockchain.

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