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We are the largest International crypto-to-fiat AltCoins exchange, originating from Ukraine.

 ALTCOINS HUB is the first digital asset ecosystem to democratize access to institutional-grade products that leverage blockchain-enabled capital market structure.

We apply superior risk management and investment experience to tailor innovative financial products that broaden investor access and exposure to alternative assets, cryptocurrencies, and emerging asset classes.

We do not remain in the shadows and do not stand aside from pressing social issues, offering our support to projects with similar beliefs and principles.

We are proud of: the publicity of the company management, big in-house team, European license, cooperation, and memorandums with governmental organizations

The core of our ecosystem is a comfortable p2p platform for the safe purchase of cryptocurrencies, security tokens, stable coins, and pre-listing tokens where we will allow anyone to make money on cryptocurrencies in various ways: trading, holding, affiliate programs (the list will be supplemented as the platform develops). Transactions are carried out between people, and AltCoinsHUB provides reliable protection by holding the seller’s cryptocurrencies in a special Escrow account until the transaction is completed.

Cryptocurrency product market turnover by ALTCOINS HUB
TACH roadmap

Token Sales

AltCoinsHUB offers a list of crypto projects on its market before other large exchanges do. They are selective and provide background information on said projects. The service is also able to notify you of any new launches.


AltCoinsHUB allows trading on its platform, with a buy and sell tool for major ‘crypto assets’ and new tokens. AltCoinsHUB is the company’s exchange with traditional p2p features used by traders.


With AltCoinsHUB, users can earn a good profit at more than 20 percent per year by staking assets security tokens supported assets including DAR Blockchain Coin and OTI Equity Token.

Security Wallets

– extra protection with an anti-phishing code;

– ensure the transparency and security of the platform thanks to identity verification and AML checking;

– store 97% of assets on cold wallets and have an insurance fund.

Crypto Pay

ACH Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by DAR Labs Ink for AltCoins HUB. Shop with crypto or send crypto to friends and family worldwide. Say goodbye to unfair fees. Pay, send and receive crypto—all with zero fees.

TACH features

Crypto Card (coming soon)

We created the simplest crypto card in the world. Paying with crypto is legal and safe, no matter where you store it. Using crypto is as easy as fiat money. Fast payments with crypto in any country, regardless of nationality and other differences.

DeFi (coming soon)

AltCoinsHUB gives easier access to users who are interested in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) by allowing the conversion of bitcoin into Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Mobile app (coming soon)

AltCoinsHUB has a mobile app that allows users to track their assets from their phones.

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