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INVEST PROJECT HUB attracts entrepreneurs who get their businesses invested through the products of the crypto-digital platform.

Even the most promising and cost-effective project without investment funding can not be implemented. And this promising and cost-effective project will remain only a good idea, in the register of “good intentions”, on the dusty shelves of the archive of “unrealized ideas”.

Based on the market knowledge, their practical experience, and innovative technologies, the companies; OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation, Netherlands, and DAR Labs Inc., USA, have developed a new investment product “Invest Project HUB”.

Developed investment product “Invest Project HUB”, includes a full range of services that allows guaranteeing our Partners to receive investments for financing the implementation of their projects.

“Invest Project HUB”, is regulated by the federal legislation of the USA: The Securities Act of 1933; The Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012.

“Invest Project HUB”, allows solving tasks of financing projects of any complexity. It is a comprehensive approach to decision-making related to financing current projects, it is direct interaction with institutional investors, private equity funds, large private investors, and investment funds that allow you to attract investment (funding) to implement the projects of our partners.

Investment product “Invest Project HUB”, provides Investors with guarantees of return on investment, which were invested in projects, as well as “Invest Project HUB”, guarantees the Investors the payment of dividends due to them.

“Invest Project HUB” also allows the Investor, if necessary, to return the investment prematurely, without prejudice to the realization of the project.

It is this aspect of the investment technology allows to strengthens the motivation of Investors to invest in the projects of our Partners.

At the creation of the investment product “Invest Project HUB”, the developers’ team took into account all changes occurring in the international financial market, the requirement, and wishes of Investors, and the use of innovative technologies.
The team of developers of the investment product “Invest Project HUB” attracted the best technologies from the financial market and supplemented them with their innovative developments.

“Invest Project HUB”, was tested on several projects from different sectors of world economics, in different countries. As a result, the test was positive and all projects were financed.

“Invest Project HUB”, provides full support of our Partners, until the moment of obtaining of investments (financing) in full.

For the preliminary consideration of attracting financing for the project realization the Customer has to send us the following documents;

1. LOI from the Recipient (Beneficiary) of financing.
2. KYC / AML to the company of the Recipient (Beneficiary) of financing.
3. Preliminary presentation of the project and financial calculation of project implementation, taking into account repayment, received financing, and payment of dividends for the Investor.

We always welcome new partners. We are always open to cooperation.
Our team consists only of professionals.

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